Standard Meshlocal Node Components

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Note: For just the essentials needed for a meshlocal node, look at Essential Meshlocal Node Components.

To setup a Meshlocal node, a few basic pieces of Hardware and Software are recommended. We also encourage all nodes to connect up with nodes who are part of Local Community Wireless Networks


  • 2 radios of some sort, these can be Ubiquiti Nanostatios, Arc Wireless FreeStations, or just a few old routers with OpenWRT(recommended) or DD-WRT on them.
  • Old computer, preferably with 500+Mhz Processor & 256+MB Ram


  • Set up linux on the old computer & run a copy of Cjdns
  • Install OpenWRT, DD-WRT or Tomato on router & set the SSID to Seattle Meshnet