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Please visit our IRC channel to find peers that are geographically close to you.

What are public peers?

Nodes that have public peering credentials. Since the public peers carry a heavy burden, your connection will be more stable if you find other people to peer with privately.

'Public Peering' is a work-around for the fact that Hyperboria and Cjdns are early in development and have a small user base. In the future, peering should work similar to gpg key exchanging such that connections are made personally by people who trust each other.

Read this first

  • You should trust those whom you peer with.
  • While you can technically add as many as 255 peers, more is not better. The software likes to run with about 3 peers and will work fine even if only 1 of them is functioning. ~ CJD
    • This does not include those connecting to you.
  • Although older nodes use 'null' as their public password, it is recommended that you create a more complicated/non-default password for public accounts.
  • Peers should be as geographically-local as possible.

Public Peers

Maintainer Node Name Location Expires Created Host Password Public Key
Rainfly X orchard.hype Icon-USA.png United States (OR) Never Feb/2012 general_public_1985 7pu8nlqphgd1bux9sdpjg0c104217r3b3m1bvmdtbn7uwcj5cky0.k
meLon mesh.neoretro Icon-USA.png United States (FL) Never May/2012 null trzcvx9wyvyxd9hhzusf9pwqdmngcgbxd36b8w6fjgfub3t9gw90.k
Grey grey.hype Icon-USA.png United States (MO) Never Jan/2012 public_JFh4rX0R1jm6a7eKWCzD 425bcpr9ns0jpuh9ffx1lbbktkd3tpln16jzs9sgbjdkvfg25zv0.k
longneck astra Icon-Hungary.png Hungary, Europe August 2013 June 2013 meshnet-Ju7VPtiAu4ZI4LRNv2uyDqPGROMupY 8xqd9u22cstvd7jz5w694ngug113pt8wt25wc0cv44hzb0cmgj70.k
weuxel smash-net Icon-Netherlands.png The Netherlands, Europe Never 2014 public_access 1y1jmqrw4r31jlp6yqmq30067rcp0tsgsdm3cs4k8l33pyfhpwn0.k
elwisp elwisp Icon-France.png France, Europe Never 2015 Public ddhxthnv29ljx2n9618qs2udm2f8jnm85szbf5y79bh4gkfyt3y0.k

Semi-Public Peers

Nodes which don't have any publicly available credentials (anymore) but are willing to peer with anyone.

Maintainer Node Name Location Best contact method
Waaghals NL-HX Icon-Netherlands.png The Netherlands privacybox. Also there is reddit. I'll try and be at the IRC more.
Matt locke Icon-Canada.png Montreal Jabber/XMPP: [email protected], email: matt(a)
ds500ss ds500ss.oss Icon-Netherlands.png The Netherlands IRC ds500ss, email ds500ss.stopcommsocialism'AKt'

Example ConnectTo:

        "connectTo" : {
          "" : {
            "password" : "general_public_1985",
            "publicKey" : "7pu8nlqphgd1bux9sdpjg0c104217r3b3m1bvmdtbn7uwcj5cky0.k"
          "" : {
            "password" : "null",
            "publicKey" : "trzcvx9wyvyxd9hhzusf9pwqdmngcgbxd36b8w6fjgfub3t9gw90.k"
          "" : {
            "password" : "public_JFh4rX0R1jm6a7eKWCzD",
            "publicKey" : "425bcpr9ns0jpuh9ffx1lbbktkd3tpln16jzs9sgbjdkvfg25zv0.k"
          "" : {
            "password" : "meshnet-Ju7VPtiAu4ZI4LRNv2uyDqPGROMupY",
            "publicKey" : "8xqd9u22cstvd7jz5w694ngug113pt8wt25wc0cv44hzb0cmgj70.k"
            "contact":"elwisp@efnet or hypeirc",       

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