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This page is a collection of websites available on Hyperboria. Some of these websites will be available on the clearnet as well but most are exclusively on Hyperboria. While there is a collective effort to keep this list up to date, some information may be a bit dated. Maintainers of cjdns nodes are welcome to add and update information about their websites. If you've looked through this list and have a wishful moment, "man, I wish we had X on here...", and don't have the skills to develop the website go to the Service Requests page and add your request to the list.





File hosting


  • HypeBox
    ( Your voice on Hyperboria. A blog hosting service maintained by jph.
  • Etherpad Lite
    ( Etherpad installation, maintainer is Dan.
  • EZcrypt
    ( Encrypted Pastebin which encrypts files locally instead of on the server. Maintained by NovaKing.
  • NodeInfo
    (nodeinfo.hype or http://[fc5d:baa5:61fc:6ffd:9554:67f0:e290:7535]) Website with information on Cjdns nodes created by Mikey.
  • Gitboria
    ( Hyperboria-only Git repository hosting. This GitHub clone is maintained by derp.
    ( Jabber server with Hyperboria and clear inet support(ipv4/ipv6).
  • hPing
    ( A web-based service that will ping a Hyperboria node to see if the target is online. Made by Thesp.
  • Pool Node
    ( First litecoin mining pool in Hyperboria network. Maintained by D4rk4.
  • Oscar
    (Oscar.hype or http://[fcd6:e9a6:a7be:b875:edd7:dc39:abac:a1c7]) Search engine to find Hyperboria-hosted sites. Maintained by Murus.