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HypeIRC is a Hyperboria-only IRC network. Beginners are invited to refer to the official channel (#hyperboria).


  • March 19th, 2012 The network was launched by Derp and Prurigro.
  • June 2012 Jercos' ircd was added.
  • August 2012 the network migrated to Ratbox and Cantor and CJD's ircd were added.


There are currently four servers running ratbox with the following connection information:

Name IPv6 Port Maintainer(s)
irc.appno.de fcbf:7bbc:32e4:0716:bd00:e936:c927:fc14 6667 appnode
4b14.ircd fc13:6176:aaca:8c7f:9f55:924f:26b3:4b14 6667 prurigro
4606.ircd fca8:2dd7:4987:a9be:c8fc:34d7:5a1:4606 6667 jercos
irc.lnode.ru fc18:b6ba:87f0:0293:8538:21e1:cd85:0791 6667 Kern0
Note Note: SSL is not required for encryption (or available for that matter) thanks to cjdns.