How To Start A Mesh Local

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Note that theses are suggestions at best and are not to be taken as requirements. You can do these steps in any order you please, or skip a few if you feel like it.

  1. Contact the rest of Project Meshnet on IRC or on reddit. We can help you with any of these steps.
  2. Create a basic online presence. We recommend:
    1. A post on /r/darknetplan
    2. A page on this wiki. Be sure to include [[Category:Mesh Local]] at the bottom and list it on this page.
    3. A mailing list. Google Groups is a popular choice for that.
    4. Your own subreddit.
    5. An IRC room so people with questions can come by. Not everyone is into IRC, so if it's not your thing don't worry about this step.
  3. Have a kickoff meeting. Takes notes, put it on the wiki. Figure out what you want to do, what resources you have available, and how best to go about getting a mesh network set up in your area
  4. Accquire a relevant domain name (Usually <insertlocalityhere>
  5. Set up Nodeshot, a Google Custom Map or another mapping utility for your group. Also, Derp has offered to host Nodeshot maps, prod Meshnet_derp on Reddit or derpz/derp on IRC and he'll create a local map for your meshlocal.
  6. Start setting up nodes! (OpenWRT is a good firmware to base your network on!)
  7. Eventually, peer with other Mesh Locals near you.
  8. Long term, everyone will peer with everyone in some manner
  9. At this point, we will have a Global Meshnet!