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Below is a list of hardware projects related to the development of Project Meshnet.


Mesh Nodes

Name Description Developer(s) Link(s) Contact(s)
PirateBox Self-contained mobile communication and file sharing device. David Darts Project Site @daviddart
Outdoor WiFi Repeater Outdoor WiFi AP/Reapeater Danny Mavromatis Project Site
Solar Powered Wi-Fi Repeater Solar Powered Wi-Fi Repeater unknown Blog Post Project Site (down)


Name Description Developer(s) Link(s) Contact(s)
Seattle Wireless Collection of antenna building tutorials Seattle Wireless Project Page
Biquad Dish Antenna Instructions for building a WiFi antenna from an satellite dish Engadget Engadget

Super WiFi

This is a promising area which offers a range of several miles. Rice University has design and built hardware and they are currently using it for a mesh network but are unwilling to share their research. There are no known open source schematics at this time.